Oregon Native Trout Challenge

Explore, Educate, Engage

We believe that increasing awareness of Oregon’s native trout species and riparian habitats will inspire individuals to seek positive conservation outcomes such as cleaner waterways, more robust native fish populations, and habitat connectivity. We believe in a hands-on approach to conservation projects and education. We are currently creating Oregon’s first Native Trout Challenge to further engage people in native trout conservation. The challenge will involve the exploration of Oregon’s eight distinct ecoregions, as anglers attempt to catch and release a native trout in each ecoregion.

Creating Publicly Available Data

Creating Conservation from Recreation

We are currently developing our approach to creating publicly available data sets from some of the data collected during the challenge. Our hope is that high quality, publicly available information provides meaningful insight for future studies on Oregon native trout populations. We plan to announce the full details of this program after the start of our challenge in 2024.

water stream beside hills
water stream beside hills