Guidelines and Forms


The link below will allow early registration starting on May 6th. The challenge will officially launch and begin accepting catches towards completion on May 22nd 2024.

Please do not submit catches from before May 22nd 2024, as these will NOT count towards challenge completion

Please complete both the registration from the link below AND the waiver sent in the registration confirmation email. Individuals will not be considered participants until both part of registration are complete.

Oregon Native Trout Challenge Guidlines

Click here to download the official Oregon Native Trout Challenge guidelines

Ecoregion Map

Ecoregion Map courtesy of ODFW

(Oregon Conservation Strategy. 2016. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Salem, Oregon.)

For detailed information, we suggest using the Streets base map and adding ODOT Roads and Transportation, County Boundaries and Major Streams from the Base Data

Additional Resources for Participants

ODFW guidelines can be found here and updates to these regulations can be found here. Anglers are expected to follow all ODFW regulations and updates. If there is clear evidence that regulations were not followed, we will share information with ODFW for review.

These additional resources show the current and historic extent of Oregon’s native trout species. While the rivers included in this map show the extent of these species, they DO NOT indicate where it is legal to target these species.

Our challenge does align with parts of the Western Native Trout Challenge or WNTC, and additional information can be found here.

ODFW Regulations

Oregon Native Trout Species Resources

Additional Information