Basalt to Breakers and Oregon Wildlife Foundation Press Release

Last month, Oregon Wildlife Foundation announced partnership and fiscal sponsorship of Basalt to Breakers. This press release was published throughout the state, read the full press release here.

Basalt to Breakers

11/21/20232 min read

Basalt to Breakers I excited to announce our partnership and fiscal sponsorship through Oregon Wildlife Foundation.

Last month we shared a press release that was published throughout the state announcing this partnership. Read the full press release here --

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – In spring 2024, Oregon anglers can hook new fish stories via Oregon’s inaugural native trout challenge.

Several native trout species are present in Oregon rivers, spanning eight distinct ecoregions. From our old-growth coastal forests to volcanic peaks, Oregon offers unlimited potential for angling adventures. Popular trout fishing destination states like Wyoming, Utah, and California celebrate their fisheries and public lands with trout fishing challenges or cutslams; anglers in Oregon will now have the opportunity to do the same.

Basalt to Breakers (B2B) is an Oregon nonprofit corporation sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF). B2B is launching the Oregon Native Trout Challenge in 2024 to encourage anglers to explore new waters, celebrate the diversity of Oregon’s trout fisheries, and support projects that conserve the species.

Participants in the Oregon Native Trout Challenge are tasked with catching and releasing a native trout in each of Oregon’s eight ecoregions. Each catch must be documented according to the rules of the Challenge in order to count. A one-time entry fee of $35 offsets the administrative costs of the challenge and is further made available for habitat restoration and trout conservation projects in Oregon. Beyond learning more about Oregon’s native trout species and the diverse ecoregions they live in, the Oregon Native Trout Challenge seeks to encourage advocacy for local fisheries.

“We believe that advocacy begins with engagement,” said B2B founder Max McCool. “Our challenge will encourage both new and experienced anglers to explore Oregon’s vast natural resources and interact firsthand with the species most in need of protection.”

Along with inspiring native trout advocates, B2B is also seeking other positive conservation

outcomes. Basalt to Breakers is developing a platform to host trout population data from

participants' catches. This will be made publicly available at no cost. B2B is also focusing on reducing the barriers for new anglers or those new to fishing altogether.

“We recognize that fishing can be an expensive activity that requires a wide variety of gear and as an organization, we are taking steps to lower the barrier of entry so that everyone will have an opportunity to engage with their local waters,” said McCool. “Advocacy is strongest by a diverse group of anglers. As we solidify our partnerships in the coming months, we will release more information on this objective.”

The start of the challenge will coincide with the beginning of the 2024 trout season in late

spring. Contest rules and participation details will be released early next year. Those interested

are encouraged to follow @Basalt_to_Breakers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for

contest updates and educational content.

To support B2B with a tax-deductible gift, visit

Basalt to Breakers
is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Oregon. The mission of Basalt to Breakers is to inspire, educate and engage all anglers throughout Oregon in native trout conservation projects. Basalt to Breakers is sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation.

Oregon Wildlife Foundation

is an apolitical operating charitable foundation dedicated to increasing private and public funding support for wildlife conservation projects in Oregon. Since 1981, OWF has directed tens of millions of dollars in private and public support to a broad range of projects throughout Oregon. For more information visit